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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1x12

The Awful Ordeal With The Head Of Steel

Ironface, bearing a bitter grudge, seeks revenge on Big City and kidnaps the District Attorney, Warden of Rockatraz, and Detective Malloy. Tis fiend then lures The Daring Duo, Mayor Gaunt, Judge Grater, Chief Grisby, and the Chief Prosecutor to his yacht, aptly named Revenge, where they are all kidnapped and shanghaied to his island fortress. Remaining city officials disappear one by one, until Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder allow themselves to be captured as well, hoping to solve and foil this crime. When I.F. has all the officials and The Daring Duo in a hige prison cell, he relates the reason for his vengeance: he spent 10 years in Rockatraz Prison and now wants them all to spend the same number of years in his prison. Dynomutt chews some shrinking gum and shrinks down to size, picks the lock, and frees Blue Falcon and the officials. The Daring Duo then capture a fleeing Ironface in The Dyno-Yo-Yo, and unmasks him to be the sinister Serpent Lady. She is then recaptured, exchanging her i

Nov. 25, 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder season 1

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