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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1x13

The Blue Falcon Vs. The Red Vulture

The Red Vulture steals 2 of the world’s most powerful superjet engines, with plans to use them for his nefarious Vulturejet and in turn dominate the airways. The Daring Duo trace the villain to The Big City Superjet Races, but are immediately snagged by The Vulturejet and trapped along with the crew aboard a cargo jet recently robbed by R.V., which is slated to crash into a mountain far ahead of them. With only 3 minutes to spare, Dog Wonder extends his neck and arms into the cockpit and steers the jet out of danger. Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder then trace The Red Vulture to his nest, but upon arrival, they are instantly set upon by R.V.’s deadly mechanical mini-vultures. D.W. captures them all in a burlap sack, and the two jet by Falconcar to stop The Red Vulture, who is at present stealing $10 million of gold boullion arriving in Big City Airport. R.V. spots them, and tries to suck The Daring Duo, Falconcar and all into his supersonic vacuum device. Fortunately, this proves to be Red V

Nov. 27, 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder season 1

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