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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1x14

The Injustice League Of America

Six of the most evil criminals ever to face The Daring Duo – Fishface, The Worm, The Queen Hornet, Lowbrow, Superthug, and The Gimmick – have broken Big City Prison. They reconvene at the abandoned Waldorf Euphoria Hotel where they form The Injustice League Of America. By ordering a series of robberies across Big City at the costume ball at The Vandergilt Mansion and the proposed Big City Bank, the ILA lures Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder to their secret lair at Fishface’s HQ. There, they fall haplessly victim to an escape-proof supertrap rigged by The Gimmick. Without The Daring Duo to foil them, the sinister sextet split up into separate pairs and go their separate ways in converging upon the unprotected Big City. It takes a total of 6 Dynogadgets to ensure Blue Falcon and Dynomutt’s escape, and they plan to capture the whole group by disguising themselves alternately as members of the Injustice League and thwart the criminals with a bevy of doublecrosses. First, B.F. and D.W. disguise t

Dec. 04, 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder season 1

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