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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1x15

The Lighter Than Air Raid

As Radley Crowne and Dynomutt enjoy a leisure game of golf, The Blimp, evil genius of the airways, directs The Blimplair silently high over their heads, pilfering Big City’s supply of helium. Once alerted by FOCUS One, they immediately switch costumes and dash off in pursuit, but a malfunctioning Dyno- Helium Sniffer leads The Daring Duo to a baloon vendor at The Big City Circus, where the hapless Dog Wonder unwittingly becomes the main attraction on the trapeze. Waylaid once again by baloon dummies in a toy factory, Blue Falcon and Dog Wonder chase The Blimplair but are caught in a giant Blimptrap; furthermore, they are chained to a gas helium baloon, which will carry them to their doom in outer space. They escape, but too late: The Blimp has already used the helium to reach the communications satellite, shot his Blimpray into all the TV and radio sets and rendered everyone “”Blimpified”” (e.g. turned into helpless baloons!), and now he is looting Big City! In The Mayor’s office, Dog Wo

Dec. 11, 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder season 1

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