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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1x2

What Now, Lowbrow?

Dog Wonder and B.F., teamed with the Scooby-Doo crimestoppers, meet Lowbrow, a villain desiring to be king of crime employing the knowledge from the books of Big City University to further his dastardly schemes. This primitive thief unwittingly leads Blue Falcon, Dynomutt and Scooby Doo and company to his lair, where they discover his latest plan: robbery of Big City Mint! Blue Falcon and Dynomutt set a trap for Lowbrow and thwart his evil plans, using an “”Instant Delayed Action Falcon Balloon,”” which captures him and neatly deposits him into prison. Later, at a restaurant, Blue Falcon and Dynomutt treat Scooby and friends to a turkey dinner, for their help in apprehending Lowbrow. Dyno volunteers to carve the turkey, but, instead of a Dyno-carving Knife, his paws malfunctioningly turn into Dyno-Mallets, which pound the poor turkey mercilessly flat. (“”Anybody for turkey pancake?””)

Sep. 18, 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder season 1

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