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Dynomutt, Dog Wonder 1x3

The Great Brain...Train Robbery

Dynomutt and Blue Falcon meet The Gimmick, a sinister crook using an assortment of mechanical devices to perpetrate a bizarre crime: the theft of the fabulous treasure of Price Ringpur of India. Dog Wonder, in assisting his master, hampers matters with his usual unique mechanical malfunctions. The Gimmick appears to be the villainous victor, as he robs a bank and a jewelry store and then attempts to capture the treasure of Prince Ringpur. In the end, Dynomutt’s mechanical genius finds the lair of the evil villain despite his comical screwups, and, with the aid of his Dyno-Jets, he chases down and catches a fleeing, hanggliding Gimmick. Later, after B.F. and D.W. are commended by Price Ringpur of India, cameo guest star Lt. Mumbly takes time from his busy schedule to bring Dog Wonder to Blue Falcon after the former suffers a nasty spill out a window…and then tickets him for littering the sidewalk!

Sep. 25, 1976

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder season 1

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